About us

Exled Caribbean Ltd is a part of the Exled UK group and provides all the same quality products and services, so you can rest easy, knowing you are in safe hands.
Exled specialises in LED lighting. Founded in 2004 with the aim of bringing the best LED technology to the UK and European markets, we have significant experience and are adept at understanding the varied needs of our customers across multiple sectors. Our passion lies in providing highly efficient but affordable LED lighting products which save energy and maintenance costs.
We are pleased to bring this experience to the Caribbean and share our knowledge and huge savings potential.
Whether you are a small business, large corporation or government agency we have an energy saving, cost cutting solution for you.
The benefits are not only financial as LED technology has a huge positive impact on the environment.
The solutions we offer can be a simple retrofit or a complete custom installation as part of a new build.

We're experts in LED lighting technology

Working directly with manufacturer partners and customers, our comprehensive knowledge of the design and production process means that we understand exactly how LED lighting works and how it can be developed to meet your lighting needs, both now and in the future.

Great customer service comes as standard

We are highly committed to making the experience of buying from us a pleasurable one. Our Customer Services team are highly trained and able to offer advice on products and installation. They can also offer product recommendations should you be unsure of what light solution would best suit your needs.

Leading in innovation

LED testing labOur R&D department are constantly evaluating the best new technology in the industry from around the world. This global reach helps keep us at the forefront in technological innovation and advancement. We also work in conjunction with a small number of partner factories that also embody our beliefs in consistency of product quality.


Stocked for your needs

We aim to deliver items from our core range within 48 hours.

Contact us

Should you require any advice about the technology or help with choosing the correct product for you, please call us on +1 473 444 6945 or email us at sales@exledcaribbean.com